Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Writer, Producer, Director CHRIS D. NEBE, President of MONAREX HOLLYWOOD CORPORATION, founded in 1978, is a globetrotter, who speaks several languages and has always had a keen geopolitical interest. Many of his documentaries reflect his engagement in human rights and environmental issues.

Long before Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt discovered Namibia Chris left his footprint on this African country’s political landscape. In the 1970’s Chris befriended the Herero Chief Clemens Kapuuo and advised the Herero in their struggle for independence.

At that time Namibia was administered by the South African Apartheit Regime, which strictly enforced segregation of Black and White.

Most unfortunately Chief Kapuuo was assassinated in the dark of night in Windhook, the capital of Namibia.

During his last visit to Namibia, to honor his slain friend, Chris was arrested in the Black Ghetto of Windhook for breaking the curfew. After receiving numerous death threats (pictured above) Chris left Namibia for good.

As a firm believer in the ancient philosophies of Lao Tzu and Confucius Chris has always had a great interest in Asia and traveled extensively all over.

For many years he cultivated relationships in China that would later put him in a position to live a life long dream and make films about the epic cultural heritage of China.

Chris created the MYSTERIOUS CHINA series with most of the early documentaries being filmed in the Golden West of China, which is still far more rural than the industrialized East and home to most of the 55 ethnic minorities of China with their traditions untouched.

With the MYSTERIOUS CHINA series having grown to more than 20 films with many more to come, Chris has now started an additional series CHINA’s GOLDEN CITIES, which offers an introduction to famous cities of China. 





Hi, I am JJ Osbun. [IMDb]
I grew up with a darkroom in my basement, studied Business and Economics in college, then mixed all that together in LA. Learning filmmaking from so many angles has been a great process. With every film, my goal is to introduce new ideas in the story telling process and push the limits of what I know how to do.

After college I worked hard to find an ‘in’ to the entertainment industry. Through a [adjective] series of events I made it to LA and annoyed a few producers into letting me work on some hit TV shows (America’s Next Top Model, American Idol). Every night I would teach myself something new (a habit I still have) and within a few years I was production coordinating some really cool projects.

Then I dove into the awesome world of post production. I started off editing, and taught myself VFX, which allowed me to jump on to more TV shows and films. And then came the cameras and lenses… I love to film. Creating stories with powerful tools, through beautiful glass is simply the best. So much potential exists on set.

Chris and I met soon after I moved to Los Angeles through a wonderful friend. He gave me room to run and I started producing Mysterious China films in 2010. We have the goal of pairing art and education with the unknown culture and social environment of China.

I oversee principle photography and post production. It is not an easy task creating these films for a plethora of reasons, but we love the adventure and each film is better than the last, which keeps us inspired. Chris encourages my own writing, and directing within our current work, as well as future projects we are developing. It is an honor to be given such responsibility.

I am grateful to the Online filmmaking and VFX communities, which have enabled me to learn and build off their ingenuity. Some of my favorite resources are
Greyscale Gorilla
Beeple-Crap is a big undertaking for little ole’ me, but I will carve out as much time as I can to populate the site with cool stuff. I’ve got a number of tutorials and short series planned, so check back every so often and see what’s new.

If you have any comments or questions, get in touch! Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

We are




…producing films, currently focusing on documentaries about China. Chris D. Nebe and JJ Osbun are partners in this adventure, making beautiful cultural art films about unknown places, every once in a while releasing hard-hitting docs, such as TIBET – The Truth.

Monarex’s story begins in 1964 when it was established by Chris D. Nebe in Germany. From nothing to something, Chris imported over 150 motion-pictures from all over the world for theatrical distribution in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Among these successful theatrical releases were a number of Roger Corman productions, such as Ron Howard’s first directorial effort Grand Theft Auto, Jonathan Demme’s first directorial debut Caged Heat and Cannonball by Paul Bartel, starring David Carradine, a man who twice punched JJ at a movie premiere to make clear he still was a legend. JJ fondly remembers the beating.


However, it was the unsuspecting Japanese classic Onibaba by Kaneto Shindo, that propelled Monarex far beyond its humble beginnings.

Fourteen years later, in 1978 Monarex was formed in Los Angeles, producing indie movies and award-winning documentaries.

The transition to Hollywood was trying for this small company, but it survived by the hand of Chris. Now it is moving strong into its next 50 years, reaching further than ever before into unique subject matter and new professional ventures.