Dali Love First Sight   26 Sep 2011

RELEASE: Dali – Love At First Sight

In spring of 2010, Chris and I (JJ) travelled to Yunnan province to explore a prefecture called Dali. This is one of the most beautiful regions in China, largely untouched and full of surprises. The…

  28 Aug 2011

DALI – Beverly Hills Premiere

Tonight, DALI – Love At First Sight had its Hollywood Premiere at the Clarity Theatre in Beverly Hills. Leaders from Yunnan, China were invited to this event that showcases their home more than any other…

  03 May 2011

Dali – Love At First Sight

A modern Shangri La… In Dali, 5000 years of Chinese culture and modern life-style blend into one of the most fascinating travel experiences in the world. Situated on the crossroads of many bygone civilizations, on…

  28 Dec 2010

Land of Legends (Hubei)

Moving into the 21st Century… Hubei Province in subtropical Central China is the Land of Legends and a Thousand Lakes. It dates back to the 7th Century BC, when it was home to the powerful…

  09 Feb 2009

Kung Fu Masters

An international competition… Jackie Chan, Jet Li0 and the late Bruce Lee inspired a worldwide spiritual Kung Fu movement that has produced outstanding champions, who match their excellence in the Third World Traditional Wushu Championship…

  19 Jan 2009

Holy Mountain – Wudang Mountain

A film about Lao Tzu’s Wudang Mountain… beautiful scenery, peaceful moments and the practice of martial arts. Wudang Mountain in Central China is the holy mountain of Taoism. A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Wudang…

  30 May 2007

Secrets of the Silk Road

Home of the Uyghurs… Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Genghis Khan’s Mongol Warriors, Mullahs, Monks and Merchants all traveled the legendary Silk Road in search of fame and fortune. The Silk Road connected China with…

  03 Nov 2006

Marco Polo’s Roof of the World

Culture at the world’s greatest altitude… a Qinghai documentary. Did Marco Polo really make it to China? Did he spend 17 years in the company of the Emperor Kublai Khan? On his death bed he claimed, “I…