Chris Nebe China Daily   26 Sep 2014

CHINA DAILY talks to Chris Nebe

Chris Nebe was featured in a China Daily article for the weekend of September 27-28. The article focuses on Chris’ take when it comes to portraying China to the Western World. This comes shortly after…

Chen XiaoXia speaks with JJ   17 Sep 2014

Thank you Chen XiaoXia!

  Monarex Hollywood would like to thank CHEN XIAOXIA, also known as “Amy X. Chen” for her great work! Since 2007, she has been our partner in Beijing, contributing to the development of the Mysterious…

  16 Sep 2014

WATCH – Cinematography – JJ Osbun

When setting up our edit bays for post I cut together some of the cinematography from this summer. Footage from “In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan” and “Burma Road – Flying Tigers.” It was our…