Monarex Accolade Award   30 Dec 2016

AWARDS – Burma Road, China Net, Liu Yuyi

Awards for 2016 Films Begin Rolling In…

Chris and JJ are proud to announce that three of their latest films each brought in a Accolade Competition victory.

Burma Road – Flying Tigers won the Award of Merit. Burma Road tells the story of the sole supply line of military material into China during World War II, which was instrumental in keeping the Japanese Army contained in the East. The film also covers General Claire Lee Chenault’s Flying Tiger American Volunteer Group (AVG) that fought the Japanese in the air, dominating the sky with a 20 to 1 kill ratio.

China Net – An Economic Miracle & The World of Liu Yuyi won Awards of Recognition for excellence in documentary filmmaking in feature length and short form categories, respectively. China Net sets out to discover how the Internet changed China, and The World of Liu Yuyi follows the life of the master painter, who has achieved the highest levels of success through his artwork.

The Accolade Competition is in its 13th year, listed as one of the “top 25” film festivals in the United States. Thank you to the judges and organizers of the festival for acknowledging our films.

Accolade Award Winning Films

Monarex wins three Accolade Competition Awards of Merit and Recognition for “Burma Road,” “China Net,” and “Liu Yuyi.”