24 Nov 2015

Business of Film Courage Article

This year’s AFM, American Film Market, brought a resurgence of ¬†energy that it had lost over previous years. Why? China.

China has grown in so many ways, but most important to the LA crowd is its box office. From less than $1 Billion per year around the year 2000, now China’s take is about $30 Billion… and still growing!

The Business of Film is a publication that has been around for decades, and the Editor in Chief, Elspeth Tavares, spent some time covering Monarex’s activities in China. Given our move into feature films in 2016, the timing was great. Here, The Business of Film highlights one of our newest feature projects in development – COURAGE. It is written by Jack Vandagriff, cousin of Walt Disney, and Elaine Liu.


BOF Courage

Business of Film Article about ‘Courage’ – Artwork of galloping horses courtesy of Master Liu Yuyi



BOF Monarex

Business of Film article about Monarex