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Writer/Producer Chris D Nebe’s Monarex Hollywood is currently in post­production in Los Angeles on the epic feature documentary BUDDHISM – The Ancient Wisdom . The Hollywood production has been in development for several years and nears its completion, at a timely moment as the COVID-19 virus with all its implications challenges humanity to question the values of our global life.

The feature documentary examines Buddhist thought which represents wholesomeness, well-being and natural goodness, and it has become the aesthetic value of young urban Western intellectuals for understatement, sophisticated minimalism and multicultural spirituality in a globalized world. BUDDHISM – The Ancient Wisdom represents our new cosmopolitan multi­-culture by emphasizing ethical conduct, psychological understanding and empathy for each other.

The international team behind BUDDHISM – The Ancient Wisdom includes Director Liu Le, an award-winning director and cinematographer working together with writer producer Chris D. Nebe.

For Liu Le, this project film has been a labor of love and it has taken many years to see his dream of the thrust behind the feature documentary film realized as a Hollywood production. Liu Le comments “I am very proud of this film. It’s my aspiration on completion that we will submit and enter it for consideration in the Oscars® Documentary Feature Film category.”

The feature documentary BUDDHISM – The Ancient Wisdom is scheduled for a theatrical release in the US & Europe Award-winning filmmaker Liu Chen is the editor of the film, and the music is composed by Chen Qing with some popular compositions by Grammy® Award-winning Omar Akram.

Since the West started to appreciate the ancient wisdom of Zen Buddhism during the 20th century, it continues to be a social phenomenon Social movements are promoting Buddhist philosophy in ecology, feminism, animal rights, equality and justice as well as world peace Encouraging win-win situations in peace and harmony has become a powerful message, touching the hearts and minds of humanity.

Writer/Producer Chris D. Nebe commented “In the West Buddhism is free flowing and spiritual, not tied to any particular institution, community, doctrine, dogma or ritual. It appears in Western New Age teachings, psychology, medicine, sports, business and entertainment We need more empathy in the world. Since time immemorial Chinese philosophers have stated that Mankind can create win-win situations in peace and harmony for everyone! The Virus Pandemic has caused a spiritual awakening, for people across the globe. Many people are looking for answers. BUDDHISM – The Ancient Wisdom may help them find answers. The message of this film is that our world has become a global village, we depend on each other. We need to understand and respect our diversity. The impact of history determines our shared future!”

Nebe adds: “With several projects in the pipeline, I am very pleased we now have a skilled team of talented creatives working on all the upcoming projects Monarex Hollywood has in development and pre-production, as we look forward in anticipation to the flow of continuing production and travel movement with the easing of the lockdown due to the pandemic”

BUDDHISM- The Ancient Wisdom is written & produced by Chris D. Nebe, President of Monarex Hollywood Corporation, executive produced by Amy X. Chen and co-produced by JJ Osbun, Vice-President of the company

About Chris D. Nebe
Writer/Producer/Director Chris D. Nebe is the creator of the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Mysterious China Series with 24 completed films and more currently in the works. The series celebrates the time-honored culture and the dynamic socioeconomic development of China. The Mysterious China series is regularly broadcast across the United States on Public Television, available on Amazon and streaming worldwide on Vimeo. The Mysterious China Series is a resounding success with colleges & universities across the United States using the 24 films so far in the series to educate their students about China. Chris D. Nebe is the recipient of a Humanitarian Award, the Newsperson of the Year Award, Fighter for Justice Award and the coveted Golden Tripod Award from China, including many awards from international film festivals for The Mysterious China Series.

About Amy X. Chen
Amy X. Chen, a native of China and founder of GLOBAL Communication & Cooperation Company in Beijing, has executive produced many of the documentaries of the Mysterious China Series.



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