Monarex Telly   22 Mar 2017

‘Burma Road’ & ‘China Net’ Win Telly Awards

Chris Nebe and J.J. Osbun won two Tellys for Burma Road – Flying Tigers and China Net, silver and bronze respectively. The Telly Awards, founded in 1979, is the premier award honoring the best in TV and Cable, Digital and Streaming, and Non-Broadcast Productions. Every film is judged based on the highest standards of TV and film production.


The Burma Road was built out of dire necessity. China stood no chance of fending off the Imperial Japanese invasion without a supply line. Such a road was thought to take more than five years to build, even with modern machinery… but the Chinese built it in less than one year with their bare hands!

The same determination that built the Burma Road also built the airfields used by the infamous Flying Tigers, American Volunteer Group (AVG). The charismatic Lt. General Claire Lee Chennault developed innovative fighting tactics for his ragtag P-40 squadrons that broke the Japanese grip on China.

Without a secure hold on China, the Allied Forces were then able to destabilize Japan in the Pacific and ultimately force their surrender.

Burma Road Silver Telly

Burma Road wins a 2017 Silver Telly Award


China often gets a bad rap for the way the Internet is treated within its borders. While there are some valid points of discussion on that front, after spending years in China, we also see a different side of that story.

This film takes a look at how the Internet has affected China’s economy through the stories of industry leaders and everyday people.

In less than 40 years China has lifted more than 700 million of its citizens out of extreme poverty. The Internet is partially responsible for this unique achievement and continues to be a dynamic force in the country’s unprecedented socio-economic development.

Towards the end, we sit down with a leader within China State Internet Office and discuss economic fair-play.

China Net Telly

China Net wins a 2017 Bronze Telly Award