Snow Mountain Lijian Monarex   31 Aug 2014

Burma Road – Flying Tigers Production

It is August of 2014 and we just returned from Inner Mongolia. I am setting up post production for the three films we have to make this winter, but I wanted to quickly share some of what we did earlier in the year.

In April and May Monarex put together a production in Yunnan about the Burma Road and Flying Tigers. The focus of the film is not the Americans, however. We set out to find the last remaining evidence of the immense amount of work and sacrifice the Chinese people went through to pave the way for the Americans to operate against the Japanese. The unsung heroes…

Here are some iPhone photos from the trip:


Chris Nebe Josh Lim

Chris is noticing Josh Lim’s new haircut… where did it all go?!

JJ Osbun films yunnan

J.J., along with Josh Miller, managed to reach a remote jungle vista after 3 hours of rough and dangerous driving… and climbing up a small mountain… and carrying the equipment down a steep hill through more giant ants than you could possibly imagine.

Dali Yunnan Monarex

We had to spend some time in Dali, Yunnan… as usual, stunningly beautiful. We were received like family by our friends who helped us make “Dali – Love At First Sight” when we arrived! It remains one of Monarex’s best production banquets. In this photo, although you cannot see the actual buildings, Dali rests along the foothills between the Changshan Mountains and Erhai Lake.

Snow Mountain Lijian Monarex

After spending time in Dali, we drove north to Lijiang and spent a few days. Here is Snow Mountain, a gorgeous sight.

Chris and To Nebe

Chris and his brother, To (“toe”), pose a united German front making their way through Yunnan!

Jia Fang JJ Osbun Yunnan

Long-time friends, Jia Fang and J.J. Osbun battle with grass reeds.

Josh Miller Monarex

Josh Miller slides a beautiful shot through a WWII graveyard with a setting sun.

Monarex WWII Yunnan Memorial

A woman solemnly bows at a very beautiful WWII memorial in Southwest Yunnan.

Chris rehearses Yunnan

Chris rehearses for his Burma Road on-camera speech. Josh Lim is working hard, pointing at anyone with a cell phone camera.

Monarex group photo Yunnan

The Monarex Crew stops for a rare group photo in Southwest Yunnan.