Chen XiaoXia speaks with JJ   17 Sep 2014

Thank you Chen XiaoXia!

Chen XiaoXia

Chen XiaoXia


Monarex Hollywood would like to thank CHEN XIAOXIA, also known as “Amy X. Chen” for her great work!

Since 2007, she has been our partner in Beijing, contributing to the development of the Mysterious China Series during its early years. The series now has grown to 16 titles with more to come. In 2015 we will be filming “The World of Liu Yuyi,” with her as Executive Producer. Liu Yuyi is a famous, and multi-talented painter in China who has been following the last 60 years of political and social development with his paintbrush. It will be a fun film to make.

Chen XiaoXia is the President of GLOBAL COMMUNICATION & COOPERATION COMPANY and Vice-General Manager of XIELI – International Economy & Culture Exchange Center, a Member of The National Committee of the CPPCC. Based in Beijing, she is the Executive Producer and coordinates and administers all business affairs in the People’s Republic of China for Monarex Hollywood Corporation.