23 Oct 2016

Chris Visits Shaolin Tagou Academy – Twice

The First Visit in Fall, 2016

In fall of 2016, Chris was asked to make an appearance at the Shaolin Tagou Academy in Central China’s Henan Province. This facility is massive, training tens of thousands of students. The founder of the Academy, Liu Baoshan, had a great surprise in store, organizing 28,000 martial artists to perform a choreographed display of synchronicity and talent. We’ve cut together a short video of what that looked like during Chris’ visit.

“When I visited the Shaolin Tagou Academy I did not expect such a reception. I was completely shocked when over 28,000 students enthusiastically kept greeting me with endless cheers. I was stunned and really did not know what to say, therefore my speech was very short. It was a truly memorable moment in my life and an unforgettable experience.” – Chris D. Nebe

** More information about the academy can be found on their website: http://shaolintagou.org/ **


SHAOLIN – The Legend Continues… Chris returns in December, 2016

In December of 2016, Chris graciously accepted another invitation from the Shaolin Tagou Academy, this time to join their Annual Alumni Conference in Shanghai. Hundreds of guests filled a ball room, recounting the life-lessons learned while training at the Academy. Chris gave the key note address of the evening, encouraging the audience to focus their energies on meaningful advances, not the cheap thrills often touted by Western cultures. Chris went on to credit Liu Baoshan, founder of the academy, for instilling strong moral foundations in tens of thousands of Chinese students over the years, and reaffirmed the value martial arts can bring to dedicated individuals.


Chris Speaks to Tagou Alums

Chris delivers heartfelt speech to Shaolin Tagou Academy Alums in Shanghai, December 27, 2016