17 Mar 2014

DIAOYU ISLANDS – Beverly Hills Premiere

DIAOYU ISLANDS – The Truth was completed and premiered on March 11th, 2014.

Chris and JJ were very excited to premiere the film for industry friends and the press at The RealD Theater in Beverly Hills.

This subject is very emotional for the Chinese people as the islands represent generations of sadness regarding the tragedies of the past century, many at the hands of Japan. It would not be fair to point a finger at the Japanese people today who also want peace, but our hope is that a film like this can create enough awareness that the Japanese Government is pressured to do the right thing and apologize formally for the war crimes committed against China in the 19th and 20th centuries and return the islands to China.

The United States also plays a role in this dispute by having taken the islands from Japan after WWII and then handing them back a few decades later, rather than returning them China, during the Cold War. This has created the problem that is currently playing out today. The military support of the USA is unwarranted and only provokes further tension.

No argument can withstand moral scrutiny that claims these islands belong to Japan. The legal argument often used by Japan and America is weak and fails to recognize the fact that the islands were simply taken from China. Many times over the past century China has asked for the return of this territory. There is no need to continue the dispute; it is time to do the right thing.



Louis Fantasia, our favorite voice.

Louis Fantasia, our favorite voice.

Chris is interviewed by China's CCTV

Chris is interviewed by China’s CCTV

I (JJ) am interviewed by CCTV.

JJ is interviewed by CCTV.

Deputy Consul General Sun Weide's conveying his thoughts on the film.

Deputy Consul General Sun Weide conveying his thoughts on the film.