16 Sep 2014

WATCH – Cinematography – JJ Osbun

When setting up our edit bays for post I cut together some of the cinematography from this summer. Footage from “In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan” and “Burma Road – Flying Tigers.”

It was our goal to produce a clear difference in cinematography this summer from anything we have done before. You be the judge, take a look:

Sony F55 with 18-80 & 45-250 Alura lenses
Sony F3 with Zeiss ZF.2 and Alura lenses
5D MKII with Zeiss ZF.2
Blackmagic Pocket Camera with 12mm Olympus

DJI S1000 – special thanks to Brian Tran and Eric Sun

O’Connor 1030DS Fluid Head with 30L Tripod (x2)
Matthews Floatcam HD Slider – special thanks to Tyler Phillips!
Inovativ Scout 37″ – special thanks to Nir Reches of Band Pro