26 Oct 2019

Left Behind Children Article

Left Behind Children A Poignant Portrait
The Migrant Workers Of China And The
Children Left Behind In Rural Farming Areas


Chris D. Nebe (above), Writer, Producer, Director, and creator of the internationally acclaimed Mysterious China series of documentaries, has just completed his latest project Left Behind Children.The award-winning Mysterious China series is not only a cultural look at China but offers an inside view of China’s growing influence and its impact on both the Chinese society and the West.

Left Behind Children looks at the so-called “migrant workers” in China today who head to the prosperous Eastern part of China and its booming cities like Shanghai, leaving their children behind in the vast rural farming areas of the West.

It is estimated that about 288 million so-called migrant workers are on the move in China today. These dedicated workers are an important part of the dynamic socio-economic development of China in the New Era. They are mostly employed in manufacturing, construction and the service industries.

While the parents are gone the children are left behind in the villages, taken care of by relatives or grandparents whilst their parents toil hard to provide them with a better future.

In modern China more than 90% of Chinese minors can now access the Internet through a smart phone and more than 64% of primary school kids have their own smart phones, which enables them to be in constant touch with their parents.

Chris Nebe says: “Being separated from their parents, some of the children experience psychological challenges, and this where the Shanghai-based NGO, headed by Dr. Xinlan Sun, has stepped in, not only to address the psychological needs of these traumatized children, but also educate their parents, relatives and schoolteachers, on how to cope with the needs of the children. The Chinese Government has recognized the issue and established far-reaching financial aid programs that address the various material needs of these children, while Dr. Xinlan Sun and her team of experts and volunteers takes care of their psychological needs.”

Nebe continues: “Most of the far away parents are in constant contact by smart phones with their kids back home. However, some of the Left Behind Children simply miss the physical contact with their parents resulting in suffering from loneliness and depression.”

Since 2014 well-trained and highly motivated volunteers of the NGO have visited more than 14 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the People’s Republic of China holding group therapy sessions in over 50 primary and secondary schools, as well as many sessions with teachers and families of left behind children.

Chris Nebe concludes: “Whilst producing the movie from archive clips and heart-wrenching recorded footage, it is also obvious that these problems are universal in today’s society.”

Left Behind Children is an emotionally charged account of children in our world today. It brings home the reality that the world is a global village. Never before has mankind had the opportunity to enjoy so much access to almost instant communication.

Still, in spite of all the technological advances, millions of people around the world suffer from depression, loneliness, lack of attention and loving care.

Left Behind Children is a Chris D. Nebe film, produced by Dr. Xinlan Sun, CEO, of the Shanghai Hui Di Ji Public Psychological Care Center.


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