Don't Tear Yourself Apart   09 Dec 2021

Squall Films & Monarex Complete Feature Film

Squall Films and Monarex Hollywood are releasing the first movie produced by P. Tavares and JJ Osbun. In November of 2020, Tavares sent a screenplay to Osbun for notes. Four months later production began and now, one year later, the film is complete. The story of “Don’t Tear Yourself Apart” worked for a world ravaged by Covid-19 because it follows a lone-wolf lead character with few scenes that required more than 4 people on set. Tavares and Osbun packed this 100 minute film into 10 days of production with 2 pickup days.

Above all, the cast and crew rallied to get this done. They delivered stellar performances along the way. Our lead, Chelsea J. Smith, had to venture into dark mental places every day as C (Carol), a very unlikeable character who still needed to be watchable. Chelsea delivered.


Logline: A few years ago, Carol was traumatized by a monumental loss. Haunted for years, fed by the hunger for revenge, she must to do the unthinkable to find the man responsible for it.




C/Carol, played by Chelsea J. Smith.
A woman out of place, and seriously on the edge of being sensible. What drives C into chaos?

Tahlia, played by Amira Gray.
After having transitioned and quit sex work, Tahlia has built a loving and comfortable life. She is the closest thing  C has to family.

John, played by Matt Standley.
Disconnected and without a sense of direction, John pursues C and finds something different than he expects.

Mike, played by Luis Carazo.
Reluctant to open up, Mike is working on bettering himself after a tragic event derailed his life. 



P. Tavares and JJ Osbun are award-winning filmmakers and heads of Squall Films and Monarex Hollywood, respectively. After creating a short thriller that performed well at festivals, “Don’t Tear Yourself Apart” is Tavares’ debut feature, pulling together an excellent cast and production that shot a 100 minute film in 10 days. Producing and filming a low budget feature during Covid made for an opportunity to shoot non-traditionally with new technologies and tools that delivered results exceeding their cost. Every frame of DTYA was recorded on an iPhone 11 Pro & 12 Pro, utilizing 1.33 Anamorphic lenses.


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