Mysterious China Series   01 Feb 2018

Mysterious China Documentary Trailer

Over the past decade, Monarex has created a series of 18, soon to be 19, documentaries. That is a lot of content and it is difficult to show the scope of the topics covered, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive documentary trailer.

The Mysterious China Series was conceived by Chris Nebe, who in the early 2000s was invited to cut films from libraries of footage that remote Chinese TV stations has acquired. The process was groundbreaking in that no other Westerners had access to the content that Chris got his hands on. In the years following, Monarex continually invested in the production quality of each film, bringing the best of China to your screens.

In 2012, we decided to take full crews from Hollywood to film in China. This decision, while difficult to implement, brought a whole new look and feel to the series. This is why we’ve split the trailers into two sections, with the earlier content being labeled as “Classics.” The Classics mostly concentrate on cultural aspects of China, while the more recent content is topical.

Vimeo OnDemand offers all of our Mysterious China films here:


Monarex will continue to push the limits of production in China, so stay tuned.