Tibetan Medicine   26 Jan 2018

Newest Project: “Tibetan Medicine”

The 19th film in the Mysterious China Series will be “Tibetan Medicine.” The traditional practice is widely used on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, and has been for many centuries. Over generations, many techniques and discoveries were incorporated into the practice, making it a treasure trove of information going far beyond Western records.

Buddhism profoundly influenced Tibetan Medicine after its introduction in the 7th Century CE (600s), leading to the belief that all illnesses are derived from the “Three Poisons” of the mind: ignorance, attachment, and hatred. Disease is a result of imbalance between those poisons. Tibetan Medicine practitioners analyze Wind, Bile and Phlegm energies, which comprise functions such as circulation, breathing, digestion, and movement, to determine a patient’s health.

Among the most notable characteristics of Tibetan Medicine is the use of native herbs and how they are gathered and processed into prescription medicine. The promo below features a quick look at some of the fascinating content in the film.

Producer Liu Guiyou is responsible for the original series of “Tibetan Medicine,” airing in Chinese territories. He and Chris Nebe originally collaborated on the third film of the Mysterious China Series, “Marco Polo’s Roof of the World.”