26 Mar 2021

Spotlight Article from Business of Film


The Documentary Genre An Essential Path
To Greater Understanding & Call For Action

Over the last decade, the documentary genre has greatly elevated the awareness and understanding of a variety of issues faced by society. Often knowledge is tempered by lack of facts and more importantly the desire for this knowledge to the shared. During the pandemic, the quest for different content triggered by the fatigue of repeat programming has seen the consumers’ curiosity for different content widen.

Chris D. Nebe (pictured left on location), President of Monarex Hollywood Corporation and the writer/producer/director of the Mysterious China Series, says: “During the lockdown, we have seen a surge by Public Television In America to broadcast the Mysterious China Series several times a month. Correlating to that, prestigious colleges and universities are using the Mysterious China Series to educate their students about the epic cultural heritage and dynamic socio-economic development of China in the New Era.”

The series now has 24 completed films, with films In development that focus on the UNESCO World Heritage sites in China, as well as two films in pre-production that focus on environmental issues: Going Green – An Ecological Civilization and Saving Ecology Through Art. Nebe continues: “The Mysterious China Series has won over 70 awards at film festivals worldwide and has become “The Voice of China.” The West knows very little about the historical injustices which China had to overcome in the past centuries. In the series as examples, Diaoyu Islands – The Truth, Tibet – The Truth, Burma Road­Flying Tigers, Unit 731 and War Crimes Under the Rising Sun have provoked widespread favorable discourse as It reflects the truth about China’s suffering under the injustice of Imperial European & Japanese Colonialism and the ravages of World War II.”

Monarex is currently in post-production on Buddhism – The Ancient Wisdom. Chris D. Nebe adds: “Due to the pandemic, post-production was stalled in line with productions across the globe. Director Liu Le for over 8 years has passionately created this unique feature­length documentary. With the pandemic vaccine rolling out, I am looking forward to going back to China to continue work with Liu Le, and advance the projects we have in the pipeline. Buddhism – The Ancient Wisdom is scheduled for a theatrical release in America and Europe. Liu Le is also planning to submit the film for OSCAR® nomination in the Best Documentary category.”


Business of Film 3-18-2021

Business of Film Spotlight on Documentaries