2017 WorldFest Houston   21 Apr 2017

Three Awards! 2017 WorldFest Houston

Today, Monarex is pleased to announce that “China Net,” “Burma Road,” and “The World of Liu Yuyi” each won awards in their respective categories at the 2017 WorldFest Houston Film Festival.

The Worldfest Houston Awards has been running for 50 years. In its earliest days it was only the third competitive film festival in the USA. Over the years it has honorably focused on judging independent films, as well as those from some of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers. Among them: The Coen Brothers, Ang Lee, Spike Lee, George Lucas, David Lynch, Robert Rodriguez, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, & Oliver Stone.

We are very pleased to continue to more consistently garner high caliber awards each time we submit to WorldFest Houston, even as our competition gets stiffer! Congrats to everyone else who did well in the festival!

'China Net' Remi

‘China Net’ wins a 2017 Special Jury Award


'Burma Road' Remi

‘Burma Road’ wins a 2017 Special Jury Award


'Yuyi' Remi

‘Yuyi’ wins a 2017 Remi Award