10 Dec 2013

TIBET – Beijing Premiere

After the success of our initial private screening in Beverly Hills, we took Tibet – The Truth to Beijing, where this topic is deeply sensitive. As it turns out, we made a film that utterly surprised the Chinese people. Most are not familiar with the complex history surrounding the western Autonomous Region of Tibet.

It is our hope that we can provide a foundation of understanding about this and other issues that are wedges between Eastern and Western cultures. Sometimes it is easy to latch onto an idea like “Free Tibet” because it sounds right, but the realities are often full of caveats and twists that fundamentally alter one’s opinion once known.

Our next film, about the Diaoyu Island dispute between Japan and China will again help to clarify what is happening and why. While this issue doesn’t have the caché of Tibet given its only recent importance within Asian geopolitics, it is not a topic to ignore as it has strong undercurrents involving the United States.

Media Interview

Chris answering local reporters in Beijing

Chris and the Cultural Counsellor of Costa Rica

Chris and the Cultural Counsellor of Costa Rica