08 Aug 2018

Yibin & 2018 People’s Daily Article

Chris is currently working in Beijing to create for CCTV an international version of “YIBIN – Golden Gateway of the Yangtze River.”  Yibin, nurtured by the mighty Yangtze River – the ancient lifeblood of China,  is a historic gateway of Chinese culture. During the Ming Dynasty, Yibin served as a military outpost and border garrison town. In WWII the city suffered under Imperial Japanese bombing raids. Looking to rebuild itself in a positive light, modern Yibin is beautiful with landscaped infrastructure and exciting architectural designs.

The film will become part of the Mysterious China Series.

Yibin Keyart

Yibin – Golden Gate of the Yangtze River

People’s Daily, China’s most important party newspaper, wrote a piece acknowledging the great worldwide impact of Monarex’s Mysterious China Series. It is in Chinese language.

People's Daily Chris Nebe article

People’s Daily Chris Nebe article