We The People   15 Jul 2020

A Nation In Rage & Fear

Below is an opinion piece by Chris D. Nebe as seen in The Business of Film. At Monarex, we recognize the progressive movements taking place against centuries of injustice are righteous and valid. The thoughts…

  24 Nov 2015

Business of Film Courage Article

This year’s AFM, American Film Market, brought a resurgence of ¬†energy that it had lost over previous years. Why? China. China has grown in so many ways, but most important to the LA crowd is…

  14 Jun 2015

JJ Featured in BoF Cannes Edition

Elspeth Tavares, Editor in Chief of The Business of Film, featured JJ Osbun in the 2015 Cannes Edition. Photo is from 2012, filming in Jiangsu Province of China.