Snow Mountain Lijian Monarex   31 Aug 2014

Burma Road – Flying Tigers Production

It is August of 2014 and we just returned from Inner Mongolia. I am setting up post production for the three films we have to make this winter, but I wanted to quickly share some…

  01 Nov 2011

AWARDS: Dali – Love At First Sight

We sent Dali out to a number of festivals, as we do for most of our films and came back with a great array of winners! Monarex wins: – 2012 Telly Award – Worldfest 2012…

  09 Oct 2011

Dali’s Fishing Machines

In Dali, some fishermen maintain the tradition of training cormorants to catch fish and bring them to the net.

Dali Love First Sight   26 Sep 2011

RELEASE: Dali – Love At First Sight

In spring of 2010, Chris and I (JJ) travelled to Yunnan province to explore a prefecture called Dali. This is one of the most beautiful regions in China, largely untouched and full of surprises. The…

  28 Aug 2011

DALI – Beverly Hills Premiere

Tonight, DALI – Love At First Sight had its Hollywood Premiere at the Clarity Theatre in Beverly Hills. Leaders from Yunnan, China were invited to this event that showcases their home more than any other…

  19 Jun 2011

The Art of Papermaking

Outside of Dali, a rural man practices an ancient art, producing beautiful paper.

  03 May 2011

Dali – Love At First Sight

A modern Shangri La… In Dali, 5000 years of Chinese culture and modern life-style blend into one of the most fascinating travel experiences in the world. Situated on the crossroads of many bygone civilizations, on…

  16 Jun 2006

Marco Polo’s Shangri La

Exploring China’s Southwest… On his death bed he claimed, “I have only told you half of what I saw!” We believe him. The famous Venetian explorer, raved about the exotic beauty of Yunnan, the magic land beyond…