Unit 731 Humanitarian Award   31 Jan 2016

Unit 731 Rakes In 3 Awards

We just got back from two months of filming (more on that later) and are pleased to announce that one of our newest releases, UNIT 731, brought home three awards over the past few months….

  24 Nov 2015

Business of Film Courage Article

This year’s AFM, American Film Market, brought a resurgence of ¬†energy that it had lost over previous years. Why? China. China has grown in so many ways, but most important to the LA crowd is…

  09 Jul 2015

Global Times Monarex Article

  14 Jun 2015

JJ Featured in BoF Cannes Edition

Elspeth Tavares, Editor in Chief of The Business of Film, featured JJ Osbun in the 2015 Cannes Edition. Photo is from 2012, filming in Jiangsu Province of China.

  09 Nov 2014

Diaoyu Islands Wins Golden Angel Award

November 4th, 2014 Monarex attended the 10th Annual Chinese American Film Festival, which celebrates crossover films between China and America. This year more than 3,000 people were in attendance. This Hollywood event has grown significantly…

  16 Sep 2014

WATCH – Cinematography – JJ Osbun

When setting up our edit bays for post I cut together some of the cinematography from this summer. Footage from “In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan” and “Burma Road – Flying Tigers.” It was our…

Snow Mountain Lijian Monarex   31 Aug 2014

Burma Road – Flying Tigers Production

It is August of 2014 and we just returned from Inner Mongolia. I am setting up post production for the three films we have to make this winter, but I wanted to quickly share some…

  25 Apr 2014

Prepping Sony F55 for Flying Tigers Doc

Hey, so today we are nearing the end of an intense month of preparing our Sony F55 camera package for our newest project, “Burma Road – Flying Tigers.” If you are interested in some gear-head…