23 Oct 2016

Chris Visits Shaolin Tagou Academy – Twice

The First Visit in Fall, 2016 In fall of 2016, Chris was asked to make an appearance at the Shaolin Tagou Academy in Central China’s Henan Province. This facility is massive, training tens of thousands…

  09 Feb 2009

Kung Fu Masters

An international competition… Jackie Chan, Jet Li0 and the late Bruce Lee inspired a worldwide spiritual Kung Fu movement that has produced outstanding champions, who match their excellence in the Third World Traditional Wushu Championship…

  19 Jan 2009

Holy Mountain – Wudang Mountain

A film about Lao Tzu’s Wudang Mountain… beautiful scenery, peaceful moments and the practice of martial arts. Wudang Mountain in Central China is the holy mountain of Taoism. A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Wudang…