23 Sep 2013

Yangzhou – A City of Timeless Culture

A true gem in modern China… There is a saying, when you come to Yangzhou you will discover China. As part of the GOLDEN CITIES series we follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo,who meticulously…

  04 Sep 2013

Jiangsu – Land of Good Fortune

Dynamic culture & history in the eastern seaboard of China…  Discover Jiangsu Province, which stretches along the Yellow Sea coastline for over a thousand kilometers. It is a land full of history and wealth. One facet…

  13 Jul 2006

Marco Polo’s Silk Road

A film that captures vanishing history… Did Marco Polo really make it to China? Did he spend 17 years in the company of the Emperor Kublai Khan? On his death bed he claimed, “I have only…

  16 Jun 2006

Marco Polo’s Shangri La

Exploring China’s Southwest… On his death bed he claimed, “I have only told you half of what I saw!” We believe him. The famous Venetian explorer, raved about the exotic beauty of Yunnan, the magic land beyond…