Tutorial 001 – MAP

My first tutorial covers the creation of a map in After Effects; see here:

The map is in 3D space with clouds and descriptive text. You would most likely find this useful as an informative graphic. It is quite flexible in final look and feel, providing much room for your own creativity.

I am providing downloadable content:
– Five 30K files of Earth’s
– Five individual clouds that can be luma matted/screened


I’d like to give you my borders map, but I used a third party and would like to support his work.
Visit HERE to get Fabian’s AEMap script.
Once all borders are generated at a high resolution, jump into Photoshop and use the transform/warp tool to make them fit the satellite imagery.


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  1. Jeremy March 20th- 2014

    Hi! Thanks for this. Very useful for a current project – perfect timing!

  2. Nicole March 23rd- 2014

    Thank you for telling us the truth.